About IS4E

The International Society for Endomicroscopy (IS4E) was established in October 2016 to bring together medical and scientific investigators, manufacturers and others interested in the development and application of real-time microscopic imaging technologies from around the world.  

President: David L. Carr-Locke, MD

Objectives of IS4E:

  1. Foster interdisciplinary discussion of endomicroscopy through publications, conferences and other educational activities.
  2. Improve understanding of human microanatomy, physiology and pathology through endomicroscopy.
  3. Facilitate diagnosis and treatment of disease through endomicroscopy.
  4. Train investigators in the science and practice of endomicroscopy.
  5. Collaborate with industry to facilitate development of endomicroscopy.
  6. Interact with other medical and scientific organizations interested in endomicroscopy.
  7. Develop evidence-based guidelines for the appropriate clinical application of endomicroscopy.
  8. Provide evidence for the value of endomicroscopy to regulatory bodies.
  9. Establish criteria for credentialing.
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