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Special Issue in Frontiers in Oncology and Frontiers in Surgery on Fluorescence in Surgery and Diagnostics

Because of your expertise, you are invited to contribute an article, for which you are welcome to invite co-authors.

New Study Reveals Unrecognized Interstitium

Probe-based Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy (pCLE) provides real-time cellular imaging of living human tissues. Advances in pCLE offer the potential to identify new, functionally-relevant microanatomical structures in humans. A new study demonstrates the power of in vivo endomicroscopy in generating fresh insights and necessitates reconsideration of many of the physiological activities of different organs and especially of fluid dynamics together with pathophysiology in the setting of fibrosis and metastasis. 

Read the full article, authored by IS4E members, Drs. Petros Benias, David Carr-Locke (IS4E President), Neil Theise and Rebecca Wells.

Join IS4E today to learn more about this and the latest pCLE technologies.

Download the official press release.

Our Mission

The International Society for Endomicroscopy will bring together medical and scientific investigators, manufacturers and others interested in the development and application of real-time microscopic imaging technologies from around the world.


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IS4E was established with intent to...

  • foster interdisciplinary discussion of endomicroscopy through publications, conferences and other educational activities
  • improve our understanting of human microanatomy, physiology and pathology through endomicroscopy
  • facilitate diagnosis and treatment of disease through endomicroscopy
  • train investigators in the science and practice of endomicroscopy
  • collaborate with industry to facilitate development of endomicroscopy
  • interact with other medical and scientific organizations interested in endomicroscopy
  • develop evidence-based guidelines for the appropriate clinical application of endomicroscopy
  • provide evidence for the value of endomicroscopy to regulatory bodies
  • establish criteria for credentialing

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